Technical Aspect


We use only sound equipment from well-established brands, including: L’acoustic, D&B, Digico, Avid and so forth.

Besides, with years of experience in organizing international music festivals and concerts, we take pride in organizing and meeting the expectations of international world-class artists.

This contributes significantly to assisting artists in bringing the most impressive performances to the audience in Vietnam.

We provide a wide variety of lighting equipment from prestigious brands, including Claypaky, Marin, DTS, GranMA. 

We take pride in our extensive network of well-established experts across the world to create the seamless blend of sound and light, music and visual to create remarkable moments for artists and audiences.

The synchronization between setup and equipment, music rhythm and light intensity are always factors that make a show successful.

Venues & Artist Performances 

  • Full-service venues: Theater, Art Centre Concert Hall

  • Occasional venues: Hotel Restaurant Bar/Lounge

  • Greenfield venues: Park, Pedestrian Street, Derelict Areas of Ground

• Local/International Artists
• Performers

• Event Permit and License

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