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About the Project

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Our Story

The Field of Heritage is a journey through the Northwest of Viet Nam with a multidisciplinary project that blends music and visual arts to take a deeper look at the diverse ethnic groups.

Taking inspiration from the past, the Season project Field of Heritage explores the unique sonic landscape of the region – from sounds of the north-western mountain, to local literature and culture, to traditional song and language. The Cryptic and Thanh Viet collaboration will premiere at ‘Monsoon Music Festival 2023’ in October in Viet Nam, before moving on to many other music festivals in and outside of Viet Nam.

The project was showcased at Monsoon Music Festival 2023. 

Date: Oct 15th & 16th 2023

Venue: Hang Buom Center of Culture & Arts, 22 Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Meet The Team


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